The VooV festival site is a natural space that we want to preserve, so please take some time to prepare for it. Mostly it’s those little things that make life so much easier, provided you have thought about them. Please do not just turn up without thinking about what equipment you will need. Since you will spend at least four days and nights out in nature, it is wise to bring the following items:

Please leave all those unnecessary and irreplaceable valuables at home. You will not need them at the festival anyway. Take as little as possible with you so you are free for what is most important: party, dance and music! The less you take along, the less you have to take care of. Since we will spend a few days with thousands of people in nature, we all have to follow a few rules not to disturb the beautiful environment. Please treat the environment with respect and try to leave no traces behind.


No open fires! No fireworks! Due to health and fire hazards, fireworks, open fires and barbecues on the campsite are strictly prohibited!

At the entrance you will be provided with a garbage bag for your trash, as well as a garbage deposit coin. When you leave the location the deposit will be refunded in exchange for a filled garbage bag and the deposit coin.

Please leave your pets at home. Their ears are so much more sensitive than ours and not attuned to loud music. If you have to bring you pet dog along, make sure you keep it on a leash at all times and always provide enough fresh drinking water and a quiet place in the shade. We need to protect the wild life in the nearby forests.

Once you have arrived and set up your camp, take some time to introduce yourself to your neighbours. You will spend some time with them, so create a small network and form communities to make your camp pleasant and safe.

If you encounter somebody at the festival who needs help, offer it!

If you need professional support please contact either the Info Area, the First Aid or our Security.

Our friendly but firm Security is always there to assist you.


If your wristband is ripped, you are obliged to buy a new one. Please take good care to keep it intact!


Age limit is 18 years of age! There will be passport controls at the gate so please don’t come if you are under age.


You want to participate and help us realize this amazing project? We are still looking for you! Become a volunteer at VooV 2018 and check out what happens behind the scenes. For working 3 x 8 hour-shifts, you’ll get your VooV ticket for free! Contact us and give us your skills!


After hours of dancing and enjoying the festival, you feel like your body and mind need to wind down? Perfect! Come and visit our workshop area for yoga sessions and other workshops!


Your caravan is your home? You love camping next to your car? No problem at all. Cars and caravans are allowed on the VooV campsite!


The cosy outdoor swimming pool of Putlitz is open every day between 1pm and 7pm – to cool you down on a hot summer day between the festival activities! You haven’t had a shower for the last 3 days? No worries, they provide some nice and clean showers for you.

Address: Jahnstr. 42, 16949 Putlitz

Website: www.amtputlitz-berge.de/verzeichnis/objekt.php?mandat=30910


If dancing isn’t enough workout for you, come visit the local sports ground of Putlitz and burn off some of your extra energy there.

Address: Jahnstr. 43, 16949 Putlitz


If you run out of milk or sugar for your morning coffee, or some much-needed bananas to give you energy for the dancefloor, there are two grocery shops close by to our festival area where you can get everything for your campsite kitchen.

LIDL: Kaltenkirchener Siedlung 3, 16949 Putlitz

EDEKA: Zur Burghofwiese 1, 16949 Putlitz


You wonder how to get to all these awesome places? No problem! There are shuttles running from/into town, and not just motorized shuttles, no, we got some horse-drawn carriages for you so you can get to the swimming pool, grocery shops and the sports ground while having a nice little adventure with your friends!


The garbage deposit system is designed to make us all more aware of our disposals and to keep the location clean during the whole festival period. We will of course still hire a team of people to collect garbage during and especially after the festival, but it still is everybody’s responsibility to keep the nature intact. It is essential for us to leave the place with no traces of the festival. We try to have no impact on the place apart from good vibes.

Therefore, please bring as little packaging material etc. as possible to minimize the amount of trash we have to take care of. Portable ashtrays and biodegradable dishes are a must if you want to go green. We will recycle all garbage, glass, plastic, paper and organic waste after the festival. And remember: Simply do not drop anything on the floor, whatever you need to get rid off needs to go into a trash bag!